Monday, 1 March 2010

The worlds biggest pizza is eleven metres wide, sound big? No, it’s not. Because the world’s biggest pizza wasn’t even circular, it was rectangular… so how long do you think it was? Well, if you have a guess now I’ll go on to explain it. Guessed yet? Stop for a second, don’t worry I’ll still be here. Not going anywhere. Okay so, the world’s biggest pizza was 11 metres wide, but even longer in length, it was in fact 38 metres long! Can you even imagine that?! I struggle, it’s the equivalent of seven Michael Jordans lined up, each with a basketball on their heads. That is big. No, THAT IS BIIIIG!
So yeah, "BIG deal" I hear you squeel. "What’s that got to do with why I downloaded this blog’s iPhone app" (You’ve got to get it if you don’t already)? I’ll tell you, I decided to recreate this pizza, I actually not only matched it, but made a bigger one!!!! I actually made a bigger pizza than the former world record holder’s pizza’s topping quantity. His only had cheese and tomato, but mine had anchovies, cheese, cucumber, tomatoe and crust! So I made a bigger ingredient list, I win? Yep. I suck? Yeah I guess, but not in a “let’s go to jail and you be my Cindy” way.


  1. I ate a pizza last night that made me ill, well, it made me cry. The meat cuts looked like my long lost uncle Jed. He was also so kind, so sweet, so meaty.

  2. i love pizza but ih ad noooooooo idea u can make such a long pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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