Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Darkness begets dishonesty

"Kids often believe no one can see them when they cover their eyes even though they are hiding in plain sight. Turns out, a dark roomcan have a similar psychological effect on adults."

If the lights go off, so does the honesty. Cultural implications? discuss...
To sum it up, basically in low lighting we feel we can get away with more. Check the study

If you put two people in a room, of the same sex, that if the lights are off they are 84% more likely to kiss than if they had the lights on. Also, if you turn the lights off with the pair having had the lights on for 5 minutes already, they are 35% more likely to still kiss than if you had the lights off after 2 1/2 minutes.
Weird hey?!


  1. It's not that darkness creates dishonesty, rather the darkness insulates us from society.

  2. I feel we are getting somewhere here, let's discuss further. Does society, in fact, insulate us from darkness?

  3. adjusting. brightly lit, darkness, all are within society i guess. men has to cope with. to adjust. insulate.


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