Monday, 1 March 2010

So I was at this party the other week, not the type I’d go to pick up chicks or boast to my pals about. But the type I go to when I have nothing better to do, no one better to see, no one of use to speak to. That sort of thing. It was for Cynthia’s birthday, she was turning 43, but you’d never guess it, she looks like she could be anywhere between 22 and 28, or maybe them added together.She looks pretty old, I mean, lots of people look old for their age but this girl looks so old, she is like a beautiful wrinkle, and she always gets the guy. Somehow, she got me. I ended up spending the night with her, just lying there questioning her, “how do you look so youthful?”, “why are you still single?”, “what’s a cheap taxi company?”. She was a great host, she had all the facilities in working order. I hate it when people don’t have a light switch in the toilet, that seems to be the most common mistake, or problem should I say, it’s like, half the chicks I meet have broken lamp switches. Maybe they are saving money or something, not to say I like poor chicks. Anyway, hope you are having a great day.

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  1. Anyone else got that friday feeling? I mean, yeah we can read this blog but what we really want to do is go out and have a kebab on the sun terrace; hold our cats by their arms and make them look like they are dancing; phone up a friend and say "let's do lunner".
    Happy Friday Cynthia!


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