Tuesday, 2 March 2010

It’s not everyday I meet someone who changes my life…

Today for example, I met no-one. I sat inside all day and played video games. My favourite being one where I get to be this army tough guy who goes on a mission and along the way gets betrayed and then has to shoot some people, oh wait, that’s EVERY GAME on the market. Take Mario Kart for example, all you do is shoot people in a different way, like with shells or something. It’s. Still. Shooting.
And I love it! Why change a good formula? Look at politics, it’s all been brilliant for years, no problems with our government so why would we vote? We wouldn’t we don’t! We are the video game generation, think of those valuable minutes you could be spending on level 6 taking down that evil, meany who threatens democracy… why would you go out and vote when you could be saving democracy? Everyone has a vote, make it count. Take dog lover Tobias, my good friend, he says that all he ever wants is to see a world without fear, hate, crime, cruelty etc etc. Now, by playing video games all day, he sure is doing a good job, although unlike me, he does it everyday, he doesn’t even think about getting a job. He’s such a solid guy. A real gent. I don’t hate him at all.


  1. Only 28 kisses? I laughed out loud reading your comment. Your video game exploits sound very interesting, I myself would enjoy a few stressful hours of zombie extermination. :)

  2. Ha! Thanks, well 28 would be my record, I normally get chapped lips after 23 – I don't often get to take my mask off etc

    But yeah, shooting zombies can be quite the release, either that or cocktails along the sunset strip – how can I best plan my eve?

  3. LOL now that you've hit 28, Vaseline would save your lips. Chapped lips suck, they're waaay more irritating than zombies that refuse to die or running out of bullets while trying to make them die.

    As pessimistic as this may sound (it's not really) but sunsets are such amazing things to look forward to.

  4. Talking of zombies, I saw two last night emerging from this bar round from where I live. They were crawling all over the floor, foaming at the mouth, and begging for drink. I know never to help a zombie though, I've fallen for that one before...


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