Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I was browsing the store the other day when I stumbled across this book, “Bitch, aint nothing but a ME thing”, it caught my eye. Not because I’m a bitch and I felt like I was being spoken to. Or because I enjoyed the reductionism/ self orientated nature of it all. But because of the position on the shelf: it was prime. It was as though this store wanted me to buy it, “we know you will love this shit.” I don’t often shop in petrol stores, but this one had something unique – a total misunderstanding of me. It somehow thought I gave a damn about this book, yet it shoved it right in my throat. By the door, above the magazines, and one at the checkout.

Of course I picked up a copy, it was telling me to do so, but did I like it? No. Did I read it? Well, no, but I read enough. I even saw another title by the same author, some sort of metaphor for sexual abuse about avoiding rip offs. I think this guy is some sort of housing market guru, I looked at some of his other titles on Wikipedia, he had ‘Sort you ass out’, ‘Buy, sell, buy, smell’, and one coming this fall called something like ‘If it feels good, let it’. I’m still buying petrol from the store, but I don’t think I’ll be filling my brain tank with any more of this guys work. You know of any punchy book titles?

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  1. Wow, bought a book from Amazon.com. It's a real joy to surf around and buy books online.
    p.s. Amazon, will you pay me for being so honest? wink wink


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